Concepts and Renderings

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Conceptual drawings and renderings for Revenant Wraith.

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Game Mockup

A conceptual mockup, the first visualization of the game ever.

Vaykin Portrait

A portrait of Vaykin, the game protagonist.

Wraithkin Claw

The hand or claw of a Wraithkin, emitting a graviton stream, a special ability of their kind.


A typical ship used by the Wraithkin.

Swift Flyer

Another Wraithkin ship, this is a small support craft.

Chimera Interior

Interior of a starship.

Axis Alien

A concept of an Axis alien, the creators of the Wraithkin.

Vaykin Sprite

Sprite design for Vaykin.


Design of an alien appearing in the game.


Another alien and a robot it uses.


Mainframe of an Axis outpost.

Balloon Fungus

A lifeform on an alien planet. I'm likely going to use this as background element.


Mob found on an ice planet.


Mob found on jungle world.


The player's ship.


Finished version of the Shroomie, or Cirromi, as it's officially called now.

Light Freighter

A ship that will make an appearance in the game.

Dark Cat

Another ship, this one will be an enemy.


A bigger enemy for the sidescroller level.


The boss for the sidescroller level.