General Information

General info

Revenant Wraith is not the first game I ever created, but the first one I'll hopefully be able to finish.

The idea has been spooking around in my head for quite some time, ever since I came up with Vaykin, the main character.

The game itself will be a platformer with RPG elements and a few sidescolling shooter missions.


The Universe

Universe is what I call the environment in which the game will take place. In case of RV, the universe will comprise several planets which will basically represent different sections of the game. Each planet will offer a variety of missions – usually one primary mission and a number of side missions.

While the primary mission will advance the story, the side missions are optional, but may be required to unlock certain skills. In addition, should a player find a primary mission too difficult, it's possible to repeat side missions to gain extra XP. Primary missions will not be repeatable.


Levels and Skills

Like in common RPGs, defeating enemies will earn the player experience points (XP). The XP will be counted and added after the mission is over. Should the player decide to abort a mission before it is over, there will be no XP.

If a level is gained, skill points become available, which can be used to unlock skills from the skill tree. Some skills will be unlocked automatically after meeting certain conditions, such as unlocking other skills or reaching a certain point in the game.

It is possible to unlock all skills during gameplay, however, it is not necessary for completing the game.